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24號晚上發了一整晚燒,媽媽爸爸忙著幫她做洋蔥醋包,又是抺身又是脫衣。25號早上醒來開始會喝點奶,會離開我們去玩,會笑,會搗亂... 沒事了,趕得及健健康康過聖誕!還大膽的爬樓梯,差不多把整條樓梯爬完,這是童第一次與樓梯的親密接觸!



Noémie's first Christmas

She had a very exciting Christmas. Vomiting on the 20th morning and accompanied with a slight diarrhea. We observed her carefully for one day, changed her diet and gave her more water to drink and she seems fine after that, so we had a relief. Of course I was still a bit worrying and being very careful with everything, I even sterilized her bottles, I haven't done it since she reached 6 months!! Like I was expected, on 21st evening, she vomited again, but this time is a smaller scale than the first time, but now she has more diarrhea. We watched her carefully again, she's very fine on 23rd, when we were still struggling on if we should bring her to doctor before holiday starts or not, she got fever on the Slient morning... it was 38.7, so we don't think anymore, went to the doctor's office! After the examination, doctor said she got Gastoenteritis . It must be either from the nursery or she always eats from the floor!

Noémie was completely exhausted, she just like to treat us as if we were Totoro, always lying on our stomach...

She had fever the whole night through Slient night, we were so busy on preparing her the onion vinegar pack, wiping her with cool towel and taking off cloths of her's. After she woke up, she took a bit milk, left us to play, laughing, and messing up the living room, we are sure that she has recovered! And she even dare to climb up the stairs of grandparents' house, she climbed almost to the top! This is the first time she encountered with staircase!

Grandfather and Grandmother gave her a car, she's riding it with lots of joy!

Note: Noémie learned a lot from this Christmas, now she knew where was Jesus born, and about the 3 King's visit. Other than these, she has 3 more teeth! (This might be one of the reasons which cause the fever!)

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