Wednesday, January 14, 2009



一早起床爸爸媽媽給她唱生日歌,一開始不太知什麼事,直至唱到'Happy Birthday to Noémie',她便咧嘴大笑,身體跟著搖,還發出類似唱歌的聲音!跟著便到客廳開禮物。有 Renée 的 ear muff,有 Joyce 的 木玩具,有 Catherine 的百家布口水肩,有 OV 的雪鞋,dordoll 和 dow 的到訪,有媽媽的庇護所,多謝多謝!童看到昨晚媽媽漏夜焗好的胡蘿蔔蛋糕便很興奮,一手便想抓那糖胡蘿蔔!可惜的是我們不能吃這蛋糕和燃點那'1'蠟燭,因要帶到幼兒園與一眾老師小朋友一起吃。



Noémie's first birthday

I can't believe Noémie is one year old already!

We sang Happy birthday song to her after she woke up this morning, she wasn't so sure what's happening in the beginning until we sang to the part 'Happy Birthday to Noémie', she laughs and moves her body and then also started to sing! Then we brought her to the living room to open presents. There's ear muff from Renée, wooden toy from Joyce, patch work bib from Catherine, snow shoes from OV, visit from dordoll and dow soon, and a house from mama, thanks everyone! When Noémie saw the carrot cake mama baked late last night, she's very exciting! And wanted to grab the mazipan carrot decoration! The pity was that we can't light the '1' candle and eat the cake with her because that's for bringing to the nursery for the other kids and teachers there.

When we picked her up the teacher said she's very happy and even ate 2 pieces of cake! Lucky that mama didn't put too much sugar in it, and instead I replaced it with dried rasin to compensate the artificial sweetness.

Noémie is a very nice girl, and now 1 year old she is! Last year this day we were still in hospital exhausted! Thanks everyone's blessing, this is a quick and full year, we have learn a lot with Noémie! I am sure that we will learn more this year!

Wish us continue to be healthy and happy , eat more rest more play more sleep more laugh more and be more stupid!

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