Tuesday, October 21, 2008

大躍進之一 - August 31, September 1

小朋友大得真快,只消一個週末,童學會了揮手!聽到 Hallo,bye bye 或 Ciao ciao 便會自動波 - 揮手!


又是星期一早上,一個小時之後... 還發現了可以坐著向後移動。上星期她一直處於憤怒狀態,因為她不能移動,光看著其他小朋友從東爬到西,由南移到北。她卻只能坐著,原封不動... 極其量只能原地轉... 這天早上,媽媽在工作,突然很靜,心一驚之下抬頭一看,小朋友已從客廳的前方移到窗邊!她還邊移邊不忘把 playmat 帶著走!開心得笑了一整天!

相信很快她便會從一點消失到另一點... 或為自己沖茶...

Big Step Part 1 - August 31 and September 1

Baby grows so fast, they develops very quick too! Noémie learns how to wave hands once she heard Hallo, bye bye or Ciao ciao, we tested her many times until we confirmed that it's no accident!!

On Monday morning, mama accidentally discovered her learns how to put small things into a big cup and then turn it over and pour it out again. In within 5 minutes, she repeated this action more than 10 times!!

Also on monday morning, an hour after the pouring action, she learns how to move, backwards! Last week she was very frustrated since she can watch other kids moving around but she can only sit still, the most she can do is turn in rounds like a clock... This morning, I was working and it was very quiet, so I was afraid and once I look, she already moved from in the middle of the living room to the back of the living room sitting besides the window! She even pulls the playmat along with her, she was so happy for the whole day!

I believe she will soon make her own tea...

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