Tuesday, October 21, 2008


婚禮服媽媽自己設計,爸爸的 Gotti (Godmother) 負責縫紉。做好了用完後,好好的收藏,留給童。


Dordoll 和 Dow 把那套古董頸鏈和手鏈送了給媽媽做嫁裝,當然也是留給童!

Wedding gown, pass it down

Mama designed the wedding gown, and papa's Gotti made it happen. Now we used it, will clean it, and keep it well, and pass it down to Noémie!

To wear it as it is or alter it or use the fabric to make something new, I don't care. Just thought I should pass down the memories to the daughter!

Dordoll and Dow give mama the precious antique necklace and bracelet as the wedding gift, of course this will also goes to Noémie too!

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