Wednesday, August 6, 2008


星期天,Götti (Godfather) Markus 跟他的兒子 Lenny,也就是爸爸的 Göttsohn (Godson)來探我們。天氣極好,我們到了 Bellevue 游泳,所以造就了童處女下湖!蘇黎世湖!

我們怕童會不習慣,所以先和她在岸邊熱熱身,怎料她給浪淘沙嚇著了。Götti Markus 走來跟我們說要把她整個浸到水裡,我們當然聽這個有兩年經驗的爸爸的話。不消一秒,童開心極!
當天湖水溫度約 24 度,事後我們坐在太陽底下暖身時,拍下了這張性感肉照!

不知怎地總覺得童有點麥兜... 感覺還越來越強烈... 你說呢?

Swimming kid

Sunday was a great day, Götti (godfather) Markus and his son Lenny came visit us. And Lenny is also papa's Göttisohn (godson). We went to Bellevue and to swim at the lake, so we created the first lake experience for Noémie! In the Lake Zürich!

First we were afraid that Noémie will be overwhelmed by the huge lake, so we put her at the lake side to warm up a bit, however, she was scared by the huge waves... And Götti Markus just came over and told us we should just put her into the water. Of course we listened to this 2 years old papa-already, and just in one second, Noémie laughs like a sunflower! The water temperature was around 24 degrees, and we warmed the babies up by sitting under the sun and got this sexy meaty picture!

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