Thursday, August 14, 2008




在她病好得七七八八之際,到媽媽病倒了。38 度高燒之餘還臥床臥了 3 天!醫生說這是最常見不過的病毒傳染方式。通常先是小朋友得病,繼而傳給爸爸媽媽,更甚的便再傳到婆婆公公或爺爺嫲嫲身上,務求全家病倒為止!


說回童的豆沙喉,自從靚聲回來後便爭分奪秒的說話和大叫,好像是要大肆慶祝一番般!這情況持續了三天,每天不到 7 時也不靜下來,很吵的一個家!但畢竟,吵也是福!

Family fortune

The first time I experienced a real mother and daughter relationship.

Noémie has got her normal voice back, no more horse voice!

However, while she's recovering, mama got her sickness... I had a 38 degrees fever and was in bed for 3 days! The doctor said this is the typical family cross contamination. First the child got sick, then the next one down will be the parents and most of the time, will then passed to the grandparents. The goal is to get the whole family sick!

Sometimes, getting a small sickness is also a blessing! I can take the chance to take a break, sleep more, eat more! Papa is also happy, since he can have all his time to be with Noémie! No more racing on feeding her, play the ball with her, sing with her or bath with her! Of course, the best situation is to have a healthy family, but who can control this...

Let's get back to Noémie's funny voice, once she got her voice back, she didn't waste any second to listen to herself. Since 3 days, she is celebrating this, how? She was non-stop talking, singing and laughing, we don't have a quiet household until 7pm! But, having lots of noise is also a blessing!

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