Wednesday, August 6, 2008





童過了牙癢期,現在是出牙期。白天還好,玩玩玩都分心了,到了晚上靜下來可不得了!7 時睡著,9 時醒來,哭哭哭哭哭哭哭... 歷時大概半小時至 40 分鐘。再倦極入眠,媽媽想盡辦法幫她舒緩一下,最見效的是給她咬我的冰凍食指,再來便是白天給她喝涼的鬼佬菊花茶 (Camomile tea) 。希望幫一把,可是無論我怎樣做,她也是要自己撐過去的!希望小牙快長出來,有了第一次應該下一回會好一點!


There are things happens in life which is not able to ask for help...

It doesn't matter whether you are adults or children.

For instance: teething!

Noémie is now teething, it's ok during daytime since her job is to play play play and play. But when the night comes, the pain attacks her... She slept at 7pm and at 9pm she will be waking up, cry cry cry and cry, for about half an hour and then went back to dreamland. Mama tries to help her by giving her an ice cold finger to chew on, and then gave her a very weak cool camomile tea. But no matter how I can sooth her, she has to overcome this painful stage. I hope the first one comes soon and then she will has the experience and then next one should be better!

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