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到了晚上,照平常 7 時入睡,但一到了 9 時左右便每隔半小時哭著醒來。聽著她那駭人的像馬般(像哮喘)的呼吸,媽媽的心差點跳了出窗外。走到廚房,又是倒水、又是切洋蔥、又是浸檸檬。Joyce 提醒我放一盤熱水在童的床邊讓蒸氣把呼吸道舒暢一下,過了 11 時童才能好好的間中咳著的睡著。差點沒有夜半闖醫生!好不容易到了早上,爸爸立時致電給醫生,終於約到忙碌的醫生接見我們。經診斷患了上呼吸道感染,所以有像哮喘般的呼吸,可是醫生說不是特別大的問題。只要我們把鞋拿去蒸便好了!如何蒸呢?就放滿一浴室蒸氣然後放童在內玩耍便可以!當然他也有給我們一些 homeopathy 藥,可是據他所說應該用不著!



Steam bun

Noémie has stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing and lost her voice these 2 days. She doesn't even want to eat her beloved potato... and also didn't manage to finish her favorite bed time bottle... She couldn't sleep in the night, wanted to cry but not able to, she only sounds like a sick kitten, with the weak whining... mama and papa were worry and heart breaking...

We tried to call the doctor the other morning, however, there's no chance in reaching him...

Noémie seems fine during the daytime, only she has this strange voice (with thick mucus), she doesn't really look sick. She's still behaving very well, playing a lot, drinking a lot, sleeping a lot, and lucky her appetite didn't decrease a lot! Of course when the coughing attacked, she will cry a little bit, but it's even less than half a minute.

She sleeps as usual, at 7pm in the evening , but she will wakes up crying around 9pm, she even has this asthma / horse-like breathing, it was quite scary. My heart almost jumped out of the window... I just went to the kitchen to pour water, cut up onion to put onto her chest and then soak the lemon slice into hot water, quite a mess~ Luckily, Joyce reminded me to put a big bowl of hot water next to her bed to let the steam helps sooth her breathing system. After 11pm, she finally sleeps better, with coughing in between, but never really awake due to pain or breathlessness. Finally it gets to the morning and papa just called the doctor at once and made us an appointment. Doctor diagnosed her having upper airway infection with Croupous cough and he told me to do some therapy and also gave me some homeopathy medications or just in case. What's the therapy? He told me to steam Noémie, like Turkish bath! And then let her play inside the bathroom.

So, as he said, mama went home and prepared her a luxury Turkish bath, 2 times 20 minutes. And accompanied her and played with her and also sweat with her... It really turn better, after this, she drank 2 big cups of water and then had a very long and peaceful nap. She then wakes up with a sunflower-like smile and we spent the rest of the afternoon (with her ball) happily and peacefully, finally my heart can be at ease and peaceful again!

I hope Noémie will get well soon since there are still many potatoes (and other foods) waiting for her in the freezer!


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