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從7個月起,每天早餐吃麥片加生果,有時‘yar’蕉,有時吃桃蘋果梨(煮時加入雲呢嗱,umm, yum yum)!午餐有從海裡來的,也有從山上來的!有時配粥,有時配 baby rice cereal!雖然沒有下調味,但其實不錯吃的!像這次做的魚(很綠的那一堆,淺綠那一堆是西蘭花),媽媽加入了波菜和 mild Gruyère 芝士,童又再一次小嘴不停張!吃完媽媽會切一片麥包做茶點。到了傍晚,再次吃生果,但這次會配 baby rice cereal,有時會吃雞蛋黃配菜湯!

我讓童抓食物,等她可以感覺一下。我不沒有把食物混在一起,用意是令童可以吃到不同食物的味道和質感。胡蘿蔔有多甜、粥和 baby rice cereal 的分別等等。但像波菜這類強烈味的食材和淡淡的魚卻是最佳配搭,可以混個夠!


From the ocean and from the mountain

It's very important to have a balanced diet! So this is a very important part to plan Noémie's menu!

From 7 months on, Noémie eats quite a regular portion of her meal. She will have Oat meal with banana and sometimes with pear, apple and pear ( I cooked them with 1 vanilla pod, umm, yummy yummy)! During lunch she will have foods came from both the ocean and the mountain! Sometimes with Chinese congee and sometimes with baby rice cereal! Even though her food aren't seasoned, but they actually taste very nice! Like the fish I made for her this time (the very green one, the light green one is broccoli), I added spinach and mild Gruyére cheese, once again, she can't stop opening her mouth to ask for more! After this, I will cut her a piece of full wheat bread. In the evening, she will have one more round of fruits, but this time will go with rice cereal. And sometimes she will have egg yolk plus vegetable soup!

Mama usually let her grab her food, squish and squeeze, and rub on her face and hair... I think she would like to feel them. I also don't mix all the food together, I would like her to know how sweet carrots are and how is the difference between Chinese congee and baby rice cereal, and also the texture. However, like food has strong taste, for example, spinach is best to mix with the fish which has bland taste!

Next week will be time to try something new, beef! I already bought bear shape pasta, so she can have Bolognaise! Hmm, I think I should cook more and season it, so I can eat with you!!


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