Saturday, August 16, 2008


生小朋友很容易,教小朋友真不容易!剛讀完新SUN師奶的“完全惡媽守則”,其中一條:絕對優雅絕對合我何車,可惜現階段不合我用,舉凡糧食水壺都只能是我背著,她呢?就優雅的走在前頭... 現在唯有絕對冷靜最合我意。

童剛滿 7 個月,開始有點皮。例如:餵她吃飯時突然哭鬧起來、坐電車時坐在我腿上扶著她時會把我的手撥開、清理鼻孔時不停推開我的手,把頭擰開、擦嘴時又是把我的手撥開,又是把頭擰開... 一句總結:不聽話。

媽媽知道不聽話,試父母底線是小朋友的天職,可是要保持大腦正常運作是非常非常地難的!我知道跟她說道理是最好的方法,這樣小朋友才會有機會去反省自己的過錯。但試問如何能做到分分鍾保持冷靜 ?唯一辦法是交給爸爸,爸爸是一個超級有耐性的人,我絕對不是!而且爸爸不會每天每夜的看到童的惡行,當然容忍度會比媽媽多。好!清理鼻孔就交給爸爸!

貼這個“完全惡媽守則”的朋友說她是一頭黑羊,也是一位為所欲為的媽媽,故她的女兒是在完全放"鬆"(不是放肆)的環境下成長。我也跟她說我也是一條黑魚,我也喜歡為所欲為,所以,Noémie 很大機會會變黑糯米,味道不錯,我也想吃呢!


Complete devil mom rules

It's easy to give birth to a child, but it's not easy to raise a child. Just finished reading Sansan's blog, she posted a 'Complete devil mom rule' suggested from a friend of her's. One of my the rules is my favorite: To stay completely elegant. However, this is not applicable for me at this point... Noémie is the one who could stay completely elegant because I am always the one who carried around her food and water... At this moment, I can only be complete calm.

Noémie just turned 7 months old, she started to know when to reject and when to misbehave. For example, she will suddenly cry while I was feeding her; she will push my hands away when I am only trying to hold her in the tram; she will push away my hands (again) and turned away her head while I try to pick her nose; wiping her mouth after eating is another battle... All I can say is she is not a nice girl at this pont!
Mama knew that kids are born to be misbehave and to continuously test the parent's limits. And it's very difficult to be able to stay calm, and I know that the best way is to talk to her calmly. By this way, she can have a chance to think what have she done wrong and what should she do or shouldn't do next time. But I really can't stay calm for every minute, the only way I have is to hand her over for papa. Papa is a super patient person, plus, he's not facing her bad behavior as frequent as I do, so he must have a bigger tolerance. Good! From now on, I don't mind to let him pick her nose!

Sansan said she's a black sheep, and also a very carefree mom, so she's quite relax with her daughter (of course not letting her do whatever she wants). And I also told her that I am a black fish, so Noémie will have a very good chance to turn black... Anyway, black is my favorite!

I just want to say that I have once been a teenager, all I want to do is to be absolutely open. It's best that we could sit together for a drink and a cigarette, I hope we can treat each other as how we treat our friends, I hope it will make our lives easier...

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