Thursday, November 27, 2008

11月14日 ﹣童十個月 ﹣孩子你慢慢來




回來瑞士後便很想爬, 可總有一隻腳卡住,爬不了!連試了很多天,今天終於大膽了,在滿十個月前的兩天學會了如何用手踏步,便半坐的開始爬了,還滿快的呢!

爬後便要企,企了多天悶了又想學行路... 站著也搖搖搖像布甸,還未穩,便要放開手自己站,當然會跌倒。還想要行,根本就支撐不了!所以媽媽告訴你不可以未學爬,先學企,也不可以未學企,先學行!有些事情是要慢慢來,好好學。好好享受這個沒有記憶的幼兒期,也好好享受從遊玩中跌倒,學習!





November 14 - Noémie turned 10 month old - Kid, take it slow!

We spent half of her time in HK this month!

She learns what is Hot, and what is people mountain people sea, this is a HK saying of crowded!

And learns what is typical HK dim sum!

She started to want to crawl when we are back, but there's always one leg got stuck and can't proceed. She tries and tries, finally on 2 days before she turns 10 month, she made it, now she's half crawling!

After accomplishing this, she wants to stand, and then walk... of course she's still not good on standing and how can she walk? Mama kept telling her that she shouldn't skip step, she has to learn the basic well before proceeding to the next stage. She should be enjoying this baby time and not rush into the toddler stage!

Here's a book written Prof. Lung Ying Tai - Kid, take it slow. this is my third copy, every time I read it, I have different feelings. The first time I read, I was still single. The second was when I was pregnant, the time when you want to receive all informations about raising kids like a black hole. The third time is now, with Noémie besides me, tears still running down when I read it!

There's a picture of Lung playing with Andreas in the daffodil field and written: "There's daffodil every year, but kids only has one time being so young!"

How true it is!

Take it slow, Kid! Don't grow so fast, mama wants to hug, kiss and play silly games with you!

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