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到了 Grieder (有點像香港的 Shangri-la) 的餐吧喝下午茶(酒),童很乖,靜靜的站著自娛,路過的太太都跟她打眼色。過了一會,有一媽媽帶著兩個小朋友坐下來,大的女孩大概三歲,小的男孩大概兩歲。先形容一下媽媽,身穿緊身襯衣,牛仔褲,腳踏一雙不過分高的高跟短靴。兩個小孩乖的不得了,當然他們倆也有走到鄰卓與人搭訕,小男孩也有手抓糖壺來玩,可是看得出他們懽得適可而止,並沒有發瘋般四處跑。



Learn how to behave like a grown up

There are times, you have to be involved in grown up's life

There are times, mama will be involved in your children life

There are times, you cannot run around as whenever you like

There are times, you have to know there are some drinks not suitable for you

There are times, you have to learn to be seated properly

Things happens like this

We went to Grieder for tea, Noémie behaves very well, she was playing and standing quietly, all the ladies passed by can't help to wink at her. And then there's a mother came with 2 children, the older girl is about 3 years and the younger brother is about 2. Mother is well dressed and stylish, wearing a tight shirt, jeans and a low heel boots. The 2 kids are very well behaved! Of course they would still be interested to walk around, but they never really disturbed other customer. The boy still grab things from the table to chew, but they never were running around or scream.

Of course children needs to run around, this is what they do, but they should also learn that there are places not allowed them to do this and the parents can't always be with them in the children paradise, they also need their own life. Once a friend of mine told me that she would never change her lifestyle because of the 2 girls. She can make adjustment, but never always going with them to the same parks, same children paradise, she also needs her paradise!

Parents and kids, let's learn and grow together!

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Anonymous said...

ah mic : Sansan 都係妳! 要我成熟,要我做大人,我唔制....
Celine : 冇用啦,妳看我!!
Sansan: 幾好呵!
fiSh : 直情好!!!