Thursday, November 13, 2008


為期四天的幼兒園訓練班在第一天已順利過渡!到步後便立刻讓老師抱著,然後又唱歌、又吃早點 (人家吃果醬牛油麵包,她吃淨麵包)、又有很多小朋友陪玩,米開心得不得了!三分鐘便把媽媽和爸爸把拋諸腦後,手拿玩具咬個不停。

看著她在交際是一種享受,當小朋友們在玩時媽媽和爸爸坐在後座看。第一天就遇上了小小麻煩,Sophia,兩歲半,跟米在玩同一個玩具。一開始便見她不停的把那玩具拉向自己,然後又把所有人偶收起,不想給米看到。米像撿破爛般拿到什麼便玩什麼,對米來說是不在乎,她只管好不好咬。後來情況越來越嚴重,Sophia 進展到從米手上搶走她正在咬的。米也不甘示弱,從 Sophia 那堆內拿回來,就這樣搶來搶去了兩三回合。媽媽正在懷疑米會否哭或大叫,她就轉身拿別的來玩,還玩得哈哈大笑。媽媽在她頭上看到一個對話泡泡,裏面寫道:“好叻咩,後面大把嘢玩,唔好嘥我時間!”媽媽和爸爸賽後檢討,覺得這未嘗不是一個好解決辦法,米採取了多一事不如多少一事的態度,況且只是一個玩具,何必爭風吃醋!忍不住要唱:童年的你~ 必定天真可愛~ 你真的很乖,很可愛!第一次看到米獨立的一面,她亦學曉了在這世界上也有人沒有必要讓她,也有自私和不禮貌的人。總要面對真實社會,媽媽只希望她能保持她那天生的和平赤子之心。


Go Noémie Go!

We had a 4 days krippe (nursery) training, the first day is no problem, she's happy to be in the krippe. First, she let the teacher hold her at once, and then they sing, and they had morning snacks (all other kids were eating butter and jam bread, and she can only eat plain bread), and then there were many children together with her, she's really happy!! Forgotten mama and papa in 3 minutes, only concentrating on the various toys lying on the floor!

Watching her social is an enjoyment, when they are playing, we watched in the back, she encountered some problems. Sophia, 2 years 10 months old were sharing a circus toy with Noémie, she kept pulling the toy to herself and kept all the dolls to herself, Noémie tried a few times to pull it and to take some dolls, but Sophia can always pull it back and she even grabbed the toy off from Noémie's hand, Sophia would even turn her back at Noémie or uses her legs to stopped Noémie from approaching to her side. Then, they pulled 4 to 5 times back and forth, I was worrying that Noémie will cry or scream, and at this point, she turned away and pick other toys. I can see she has a comic conversation bubble on top of her head saying: "Well, there are so many toys on the floor, I can play other stuff, don't waste my time on fighting with you!" We thought this is also a good solution, to solve the problem in a peaceful way, and didn't fight physically, she's such a good girl!

This is the first time we saw her independence, she learned that there's someone out there who won't give her whatever she wants and loving her is not a must. She has to face the real world sooner or later, mama rather she face it sooner and to be tough. But I hope she could keep her peaceful and pure mind.

Go, Noémie, go! Learn how to behave as a human being!

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Anonymous said...

What a "mini-society" in a kindergarden, huh?! I'm glad your BB handled it pretty well, good job:)