Tuesday, November 25, 2008


一個下午我們在 Le Pain 填肚。拍這張照片的這一天,陽光普照。

爸爸總愛抱妳,你總愛扭他抱。他很愛妳,你也很愛他,你叫他做 da da, 媽媽是 ga ga,每天一醒來便要找爸爸玩玩哄哄,然後不停跟他說一大堆只有你自己聽懂的話。




幸福的你有媽媽爸爸、爺爺奶奶、Gotti (godmother)、Götti (godfather) 和媽媽的一大堆朋友疼你,而且他們會輪流來瑞士看你,現在的你擁有全世界!

媽媽每天帶你到對面山頭公園看咕咕叫的山羊、有時又到 Kusnacht 湖邊餵鴨鴨、還有時到動物園,到你最愛的水族館看 Nemo。





A Lover's Discourse

One day, we ate at Le Pain.

This picture was taken on a very sunny day.

Papa likes to hold you, and you know how to make him to hold you. He loves you and you love her, you call him 'da da' and mama is 'ga ga'. The first thing you do in the morning is to play with him and talk to him in your own language...

When you look at them, is like you are looking at a lover, no matter who's playing with Noémie, no matter how happy she is, everything will change when papa appear! She wants him at once!!

If Noémie wakes up in the night because of the teething pain, papa can't help himself to bring him over to our bed. If it really hurts, and couldn't sleep again, papa will put her on his chest, like Totoro...

Papa always have this proud look when he's carrying her.

Lucky like you have mama, papa, grandpa, grandma, Gotti, Götti and a whole bunch of mama's friends loving you, they even take turns to come to Zürich to visit you, do you know you almost own the whole world now??

Mama always take you to the park across our home to watch goatie, sometimes we go to Kusnacht lakeside to feed the duck, sometimes we go to the zoo and aquarium to visit Nemo.

Papa will bring you to walk in the wood on sundays, to watch trees, and sometimes to the top of the hill to watch cows and the alps. If we go to granparents' home, woo, it's an adventure in this big house, plus, there are lots of antique toys in the attic waiting for you!

Mama envy you that you can play play play as a job!

Now you know how to kiss and always kiss the one you love, to show your love, of course our face will be all wet...

Mama hope you will always take us as your lover, so that we could share everything with you.

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*car said...

this is really touching!
when i saw this, i cried. :')

realy glad that you have such happy family and life! add oil ar!