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童總是喜歡在五時後開始耍性子,因為玩了一整天,人已極度疲累。一到這時段就可以清晰看見童的暴力傾向,掉玩具、任性、把水杯掃到地上和抓媽媽的臉等。童聽得懂 NO,知道是什麼意思,但五時後她就裝作聽不見,老是要鬧,要作對。因為發生了太多次,媽媽很氣,決定用跟童同等的智商耍回去,以其人之道還治其人之身!






In Taiwan, people called their daughter 'luli', since it's Taiwanese, so I don't know how to translate or how to write. I lived in Taiwan since birth till 3 or 4 year old so I have a special attachment to Taiwan Mandarin and Taiwanese. And for some reasons, I really like this 'luli', I like how it pronounce, so Afu mama always called me 'luli'.

I am Afu mama's 'luli', and now I have my own 'luli', and she really likes 'LU' (LU means showing temper and annoying), so I call Noémie 'lululi'.

How does she 'LU'?

This 9 months 3 weeks old Noémie started to know how to play around, she doesn't let me wear her shoes, doesn't like to stay in the car seat, refuse to drink her milk, non-stop playing around with her bowl, likes to mess things up, likes to cry. She doesn't like anything, only likes to not corporate!

Especially after 5pm, she will become a 3M post it, just sticking on my body... well, I could understand that, after whole day playing, she's extremely exhausted. But at this time, we can see how violence, how she abuse the toys, push the water bottle onto the floor, and scratch my face... She actually understand what is a 'NO', but not after 5pm... she always pretends that she didn't hear anything from me. And since it's not the first time in this 2 weeks, mama got angry, decided to treat her in the same way!

When she scratch my face, I scratch her back, and when she hit me, I hit her back. Of course I am not hurting her, just want her to know how it feels! And she actually knows it's not funny anymore, so she look at the floor, not making any sound, and then cry. So I let her cry, it's her bad, so she could cry!

Then she started to want to come to me and want me to hold her, I just sit there and told her what have she done wrong and insist on not holding her.

And she understood, she stops crying, came to my side and sit besides me and use her way to express that she's knew that she was wrong and kiss me and talk to me, wanting me to smile at her.

Yes, of course I did hug and kiss her at once!

Noémie, this is your mama, if you like to play around, mama will play with you, if you love mama, mama will love you forever!!

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阿咪 said...

我媽有跟我提起,小朋友到了一個年紀就會開始耍性子.而且聰明的他們也知道爸爸媽媽的底線在哪裡.若是父母該有的原則被他們攻破的話,要再調教回來可就要多費一番苦心了. 魚媽媽,你做的很對!