Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10月14日 ﹣童九個月






媽媽的手提電話給童的口水淹壞了... 手提電話千萬不要放在小朋友能觸及之處!他們只管咬!!



9 個月活在肚內, 9 個月活在世上和在忙認識宇宙的同時,媽媽也要去重新認識宇宙!和童一起!

Noémie 9 months old

Grandma left Zürich, she's not so used to not being around people, she'll complain once you walk away from her! It took her 3 days to get use to it. On the 3rd day, she could entertain herself, even being alone in the room!

On September 17th, we are going to fly to HK, another long-haul trip after Berlin/Poland!

Another thing she's not use to is that there's now only one person to serve her while bathing!

This month, she learned how to sit, to roll, to stand (while holding), wants to walk, loves fruit, bread, yoghurt, vegetables and fish! She even knows how to interact and flirt with people!!

We went to the first swimming class, she had fun, floating like a ball!

She flooded my mobile phone by biting...

On September 8th, you have your own room! Moved the guest bed to the other side of the room for her cot, and everything's set, will start you independent life here!

We applied for nursery, she will be there in mid-November. This is a place called Crawling castle, it's very close to our home, 10 minutes walking distance. It's the time now to send her to learn how to social with other babies, to share and when to fight for her rights!

9 months ago, she's still in the belly, 9 months now, she's alive on this universe. Busy getting to know this place, and mama too, has to learn many things, let's learn together, Noémie!

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