Wednesday, July 30, 2008


在 Gotti (godmother) Tin 的婚禮當花童。一個沒有守好本份的花童。





幸好 Gotti 抱她時沒有哭,還在她懷中睡著!

BlumenKinder (G) / FlowerKid (E) (Kinder in Chinese means also kid, and Noémie's Chinese name is kid, the literal translation of her Chinese name is Summer swimming kid)

Noémie is not behaving well enough as a blumenkinder at Gotti (godmother) Tin's wedding...

She fell asleep during the ceremony... (And at the most important moment)

She was still inside while other blumenkinder were throwing flowers... (But this is papa and mama's fault, they didn't bring her outside quick enough)

She cried non-stop while taking group picture...

She fell asleep again while we were taking a picture for the booklet...

BUT, the second time when Gotti Tin hold her, she didn't cry anymore and even better she fell asleep in her arms!

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Lili Marleen said...

Looks like Noémie wasn't the only kid who cried, the little girl in pink didn't look too happy either. :P