Tuesday, July 29, 2008




童愛死了薯蓉,簡直可以用欲罷不能來形容!平常盛有胡蘿蔔、蘋果梨、牛油果香蕉或豆的小湯匙送到口童會乖乖的張口,但媽媽從沒見過她會這般要求下一口。她會不停的伸手拉我的衣服,我轉頭看她之國際,小口已張得大大,小小的舌頭亦已在等候狀態!一匙送到口到嘴裡便立即‘莓莓莓’,小舌頭伸出又伸入,完了又張口。直至整個小瓶份量都吃清光為止... 上星期吃三文魚蕃薯時,一口氣幹掉三份二小瓶,我以為反應已算熱烈,我怎也想不到能有比這更熱烈的反應!


給童弄吃的準備工夫很多,尤其是豆!一大盤豆 puree 後只得一丁點... 但,看著童那愛吃的樣子,便滿足!


Having fun with Potatoes

Noémie loves potatoes, and mama had fun with making potatoes.

1 organic potato, 1 knob butter, a bit of milk (Aptamil formula) mixed together a new taste for Noémie - mashed potato!

She loves potato, I can even described it as if she is dying for it, she enjoys eating in general. Usually she will opens her little mouth when the filled up small spoons comes in front of her. Carrot puree with basil and mint, apple and pear puree, avocado banana mix, and even peas, she eats all of them, no complaint! But this time, with potato, she's really asking for the next spoon. I can see her really tasting the food, once the food was inside, she really 'chew' them as good as she can, the tiny tongue coming in and out. Then she finished the whole jar... last week she finished 2/3 of the salmon in the same jar, I thought this is already a great step. Until now, with potato, I know it's nothing!

Noémie has a small mouth, but she opens wide and eats like a crocodile!

It's a lot of work to prepare her food, especially peas, I bought a big pack, but after the peeling, steaming, puree, that's all I have got... But, once I saw her happy face and the little wide open mouth, I don't mind anymore!

Keep on the hunger! Noémie!


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